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Here are a few companies and services you might find helpful in your practice.


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Patient Options was founded by attorneys, doctors and insurance compliance specialists to address the increasing legal issues facing health care providers who help the uninsured or under-insured- specifically doctors avoiding illegal dual fee schedules, inducement violations, false claims acts, and civil monetary penalties problems. It’s no secret that today, patients have to absorb more out-of-pocket expenses related to their health care. Certain state laws, federal laws and provider contracts prohibit many common practices among providers, specifically these laws and contracts prohibit offering discounted (different) prices for “cash paying” patients (dual fee schedule) or other inducements to patients seeking care. This has been called a dual fee schedule and insurance companies construe this as a type of false claims act both of which can get you into legal trouble and can be illegal. Patient Options is here to help. In this highly regulated health care marketplace, our mission is to help patients and doctors alike. We offer solutions for patients in need, and also help providers keep compliant and out of trouble. Patient Options gives providers an opportunity to legally offer discounts to patients.

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Probably the saddest thing we hear from our Speedy Claims users is "My computer crashed and we lost all our data." And we hear it nearly every day.

It is very important to create a backup of your data every time you close Speedy Claims. It is just as important that you store that backup somewhere else as well. If it is only on the computer and it crashes you have weeks of work ahead of you trying to restore your patient records.

We have used Carbonite for years. You set it one time and then never touch it again. And never worry again.

At $5 a month I consider it very cheap insurance.

Click here for a free trial.