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cms 1500 software Testimonials

Serving our clients better than any other company is our ultimate goal at SpeedySoft. We have always listened carefully to our clients and have incorporated the best of their suggestions in each new update and upgrade. We're proud to be America's leading CMS-1500 software provider and we know that we couldn't have gotten there without you.

Thanks for terrific customer service!
Once I have back up file on the new computer, it was a breeze... with your help.
I especially appreciate the speed replies to my initial email inquiry and subsequent after hours voice mail message.
It is rare these days to get such prompt and expert service from a software company.

Laura Breitner

I want take a moment to thank you for the excellent service received from you regarding
my Speedy Claims software installation. I am very happy with our choice of Speedy Claims software
and recommend it highly to those considering a medical billing business.


Bob Markunas - KFM Billing

I am a psychologist with an aversion to computers, software, and the like. When I started
my own practice, claim form software was a necessary evil. I needed something that was simple, reliable, and inexpensive.
After a year of using “Speedy Claims” I have found it to be an excellent choice and virtually dummy proof.

Kathy Acus - Souders, Psy. D.

Speedy Claims is by far the best billing software for my needs. Quick to set up, intuitive, and simple to use, I was delighted that it didn't overwhelm me with too many unnecessary features. I was looking for something affordable, fast, and easy to generate 1500 forms and keep a data base of patients, and Speedy Claims has been the answer. I've been using it for years now and routinely have been recommending it to my friends and colleagues. When I added a computer, the tech staff were friendly and quick to respond to my questions. Upgrades are next to automatic and backup is easy. I have no affiliation with these guys, I'm just really happy to comment on a product that for me has been affordable, reliable, and time-saving. Thanks Speedy Claims guys!

Richard Findlay, Ph. D., Clinical Psychology Services.

"I cannot thank Speedysoftusa for their awesome software enough. That is not, however, why I am writing this! We are a very large not for profit Hospital System and large Physician Group and encountered a problem with an extremely important account. The account had lost 1000's of HCFA's we had sent them and we were being requested to "resend them". We had no idea of how to recreate all of these lost HCFA 1500's without keying each one again individually. This would have taken weeks and an enormous amount of staff time which we did not have. We called 'Dan' at Speedysoftusa and asked if he had any ideas and without even taking a breath he said "sure we can help you fix the problem!". I was absolutely floored by Dan's [Speedysoftusa's] unwavering response! We were against a very short deadline with only an excel datafile full of patient information. If we did not act immediately we risked losing over a million dollars! Dan, Speedysoftusa, fixed our problem with their excellent software and their behind the scenes help and skill. We cannot recommend Speedysoftusa highly enough for their fantastic software and programming intervention. Additionally, we would guarantee that no other company of this kind could have or would have done what Dan and the staff at Speedysoftusa did for us. Our sincerest thanks to you all at Speedysoftusa".

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your customer service helps me smile and feel glad for using your software.
I hope you have a great day… You certainly brightened mine.

Kayleen Hetrick

To whom it may concern:
Speedy Soft USA, and most particularly Dan Perrine, has been available to me whenever I need help. Dan has gone above and beyond the call of “Technical Support” on numerous occasions to help me fix any problem I have come to him with. He is a stand up guy who responds promptly and with respect and helpfulness. I cannot thank him enough!

Joyce Dolberg Rowe LMHC,
Boston area

By the way, I am really enjoying the software- it has made my billing process really easy and I am getting paid faster because I am using originals and the insurance companies are able to scan them.


Brad Wolff

You are the fastest responder I have ever run into! I guess I should have contacted you about the error first.
Thank you for your great help, as always!

Dawn H. Moore
Business Manager
Pathways Center

I appreciate your prompt help with this matter, even on a weekend. Your customer service is fabulous!! Thanks so much.

Susan Bemus