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Speedy UB04: America's Leading UB-04 Billing Software

You didn’t get into healthcare to fill out CMS 1450 forms, and yet for many medical professionals, filling out UB-04 claim forms is a never-ending struggle.

Speedy UB04 lets you spend your time caring for patients, not filling out forms. With an easy interface, powerful tracking features and the ability to learn and prefill practice data, Speedy is simply the best UB-04 billing software on the market. Here’s why more customers switch to Speedy UB04 than any other UB-04 software.

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Speedy UB04 has a quick, intuitive interface. Just fill in the blanks of your UB04 claim form, and print or send electronically.

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Once you customize SpeedySoft’s UB-04 billing software, the program will automatically fill in practice data on new forms. This eliminates the time-consuming repetition of CMS 1450 forms, greatly speeding up the process. With every claim, your UB-04 software saves data for reuse.

powerful ub 04 software
Never struggle with tracking UB-04 claim forms again. Speedy UB04’s Claim List enables you to keep track of all your CMS 1450 claims, regardless of the size of your practice.

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Speedy UB04 integrates effortlessly with other popular office programs for a seamless workflow throughout the UB-04 claim for process.

We pride ourselves on having the best customer support in the industry. Speedy UB04 billing software comes with free training, and unlimited same-day customer support. We know how frustrating it can be to deal with claims form software providers that keep you on hold forever only to never help you with your problem — that’s not us. We’re dedicated to helping you, no matter what it takes.

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Speedy UB04 has more features than any other UB-04 software on the market. It’s designed to make processing your CMS 1450 claim forms as simple, fast and reliable as possible.

*FREE TRIAL* Try Speedy UB-04 on us for 30 days and discover just how easy UB 04 billing software can be. Risk free — no credit card required. Enjoy free support and a free training session.


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Speedy Claims UB 04 Desktop Version

Includes all the great features and benefits installed on your computer!

Print onto the preprinted red forms or print your own forms using red or black ink.

Send your claims electronically via a clearinghouse.

Switch to Cloud at any time!

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Speedy Claims UB 04 +CLOUD

Add the security and convenience of the cloud to the powerful Speedy Claims UB 04.

Access from anywhere using only your browser! Nothing to download!

Full access for MAC, Windows or Linux users. Use any browser from any platform.

Security from Ransomware! Never worry about being locked out of your data again.

Automatic updates and upgrades. Always have the latest, most up to date version meeting insurance industry and government standards.

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